Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide short-term care and a personalized Swamp Haven experience for down-on-their-luck dogs in the rural and underserved communities of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our goal is to not just find a home, but the right home, and we pride ourselves on a lifelong commitment to each and every dog that comes through our door. It’s the Swamp Haven way.

Lindsey Kelley, Founder + Avid Dog Lover

Our Story

We are Swamp Haven and this is our story. Swamp Haven is an animal rescue organization that takes down-on-their-luck dogs and nurtures them back to a healthy mental and physical state, so they can find their forever home. Our goal is simple. We save innocent dogs that have been overlooked by society and provide short-term care including vetting (vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip and heartworm and flea prevention) and training to learn how to walk politely on a leash, play in a pack and live calmly and lovingly in their new home.

It all started a few years back when we made the move from the Pacific Northwest to North Florida. We were surprised to learn how many dogs lose their lives in shelters each month around this area and felt compelled to do something. In the beginning of 2015, we founded Swamp Haven, a 501c3 nonprofit dog rescue organization that survives entirely on donations. Feel free to noodle around our site and learn more about our organization including ways to donate, how you can foster a dog and our adoption process.

We just LOVE Swamp Haven. I’ve followed them for awhile and have witnessed the love and devotion that Lindsey has for all her rescue pups. Lindsey has a huge heart for what she does and takes great care in making sure each match is a good fit for the family and the dog. I really liked that we were able to foster our pup for a week before adopting to make sure it was a good fit. We adopted our sweet Boudreaux last December just before Christmas. He’s been such a wonderful addition to our family and the perfect pal for his sister pup, Bowie.


Boudreaux's Forever Mom

Our swampies need to find their forever homes. Do you want to be a part of their journey?


Swamp Haven provides short-term care for down-on-their-luck dogs in the rural and underserved communities of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our mission is to ensure that our animals find a long-term future in their forever home. Swamp Haven is run entirely on donations by the generosity of folks like you.

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