Why Foster?

We have to admit, the first dogs we had ever fostered were Swamp Haven pups. For some reason fostering never entered our mind’s.  I knew in my heart that once a dog became a part of my daily life I would I wouldn’t be able to let go.  And, truth be told, I did keep our very first foster … then two more down the road, but, bottom the line is, I got it out of my system.  You realize that letting them go is more difficult for you than it is them.  So, since January of 2015 dozens upon dozens of dogs have passed thru our homes.  Yes, it’s hard to let them go, it’s very hard actually, but by passing your foster on to their new family, you are SAVING TWO LIVES. You just made room in your house for another dog, and your new foster dog just made room in a shelter for another homeless dog.

Please know that you’re not going it alone, we’re here to help every step of the way.  We provide you with everything you need to be a successful foster parent – crate, food, toys, a harness or Halti (if needed), flea/HW preventative, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on.  We also use one of the best animal behaviorists around, Courtney Keppen, owner/operator of Pro Pet Train.  We bounce things off of her weekly.  And if we can’t figure it out over the phone, she welcomes us to her ranch in Bunnell, so she can get a first hand look at what’s going on.

Here are a FEW reasons why fostering rocks:

  1. Fostering increases a dog’s chance of getting adopted.
  2. Your own pets will learn more social skills.
  3. You get to see if you’re ready to own another pet.
  4. Fostering is TEMPORARY!
  5. You probably already of the space for one more.
  6. YOU can choose how to foster (ie: vacation foster, small dog foster, Operation H.O.W.L. foster)
  7. Fostering keeps animals out of shelters

Need just a little more convincing?  Check out this post and this post written by two amazing Swamp Haven fosters & volunteers.

If you are interested in fostering, please download the foster application here or fill out the form below (in progress, please use PDF app). Once complete, please email to info@swamphaven.org and someone will be in contact with you.