Operation H.O.W.L.

Operation H.O.W.L. is a collaborative effort by two friends in rescue working together to expand the reach of their respective rescue communities, bringing East and West together to save the lives of even more dogs.

H.O.W.L., which stands for the Hounds Out West League, is the brain child of two friends, one, a Swamp Haven co-founder, the other, manager and vet at the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society. These childhood friends grew up on a small island just north of Seattle, and although life sent them in different directions, their love of animals kept them in touch.

The area Swamp Haven calls home, Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, is home to dozens of rural county shelters that can’t keep up with the number of animals entering their facilities. In many parts of the South, it’s common for unsterilized dogs to roam free, which is one of the biggest factors leading to overcrowding in our shelters. For example, ONE un-spayed female and her offspring can produce up to 508 puppies in just seven years. While these facilities may promote adoption, their remote location and low population density make it very hard for their animals to make it out alive.

By collaborating with Olympic Peninsula Humane Society, Operation H.O.W.L. aims to help save the lives of adoptable dogs here in the south by transporting them to the Pacific Northwest where adoption rates are much higher. Swamp Haven Rescue will pull dogs each month from high kill shelters, vet them, and foster them for 6 weeks while transport is coordinated to the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Port Angeles, WA.

We are now asking for your help to make this program a success. We are in need of a several generous people to sponsor the vetting and care of these dogs so we can send them on their journey out west. Also, if you are interested in becoming a short term foster for Operation H.O.W.L., contact us.

Operation H.O.W.L. Total Costs = $414 PER DOG

Intestinal Parasite Screening  $    19
Heartworm & Tick Borne Test  $    39
Deworming Medication  $    20
DHP Vaccination  $    20
Bordetella  $    19
Leptospirosis  $    22
Rabies  $    20
Spay/Neuter  $  150
NextGard – 2 months  $    50
Heartgard – 2 months  $    20
Food – 2 months  $    35


Success Stories!!

Swamp Haven Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization providing short term care to ensure a long term future for death row dogs in the underserved rural communities in North Florida. Swamp Haven is run entirely on donations, 100% of which go toward the dogs.