Meet Desi


About Desi

**Desi is available for adoption through our friends at Dogtown USA St. Augustine**

Sweet girl Desi is a ball of one year old, ladylike fun. Desi can be a bit shy at first, but it takes her no time to warm up, especially if there is another dog there to keep her entertained! She thrives when she gets to be around other dogs, and has done really well around a couple of cats even! Desi keeps her room in perfect order, she never tears up anything and she loves to sit right in the passenger seat of your car, excited to be your co-pilot. Desi is a goofball who, even while waiting in the vets office will find someone to play with her. When she wags her whole body wiggles and she loves her people to pieces. Desi is truly a Heinz 57, if “Florida Brown Dog” was an option that’s what we would’ve listed her as. She’s petite, weighing in at a whopping 30 pounds, which we think is the perfect size!

If you’re interested in learning more about Desi, click the “Adopt Me” button below!


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