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About Me

***Courtesy post for Dogtown USA, please call (904) 347-2363 for more info*** Hello world, my name is Aries and despite my sad backstory, I am the happiest goober in the whole world – as seen by the constant smile on my face! My mom recen tly passed away, leaving me and my two older brothers with nowhere to go. My brothers quickly found new homes, and while I couldn’t be happier for them, I am confused because no one has shown any interest in me. I find myself getting really lonely and bored because I’m alone now, and desperately want someone to love on me like my mom used to. I am a neutered, 2-year-old American Bulldog mix weighing about 80 pounds – but don’t let my size fool you, I am an absolute goofball that loves to cuddle up just as much as any small dog! Shortly after my mom adopted me, she found out that she was seriously ill. During her long stints with doctors and hospitals, I became perfectly crate trained but my other basic training needs were put on hold. Although my manners may be lacking, I’m just a big eager guy that is willing to learn – especially if a ball or treats are involved. I’ve heard my human friends describe me as a fun, over-grown puppy and honestly, what can be better than that? Because it was just my brothers and I for so long, I am working on my socialization with other furry friends. I am learning how to read body language and how being too playful right away can sometimes deter my playmates, but my human friends are super proud of me because I continue to stay unreactive if some of the puppers don’t want to play as much as I do. I’ve decided that I would be best in a home with no small animals, as I sometimes confuse what’s a toy and what isn’t. I can’t wait to find the perfect playmate for me, and would love for a new sibling to come with my new forever home, but it isn’t a requirement! I love kids, so a new sibling can be the furry or non-furry variety. Honestly, I just desperately want to be in a home where I am loved and doted on constantly, where I can learn to live in a home environment outside of a crate, and where I can be my silly, active self without fear of being left alone again. The smile on my face never fades, and is always reciprocated in the human faces that I meet because they can’t help but love me right away. I promise you won’t be disappointed either, adopt me and I’ll keep you smiling forever!


  • Adoptable
  • Spayed
  • Housetrained

Our swampies need to find their forever homes. Do you want to be a part of their journey?


Swamp Haven provides short-term care for down-on-their-luck dogs in the rural and underserved communities of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our mission is to ensure that our animals find a long-term future in their forever home. Swamp Haven is run entirely on donations by the generosity of folks like you.

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