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***Courtesy post for Dogtown USA, for more info please call (904) 347-2363*** CALLING ALL HOUND LOVERS! MEET CHIEF! Chief is a 2-4 year old blue tick coonhound looking for his furever home and he has been feeling real down on his luck la tely. Chief’s previous home had a very scary man in it who was not very nice to Chief or his mom. Chief’s mom surrendered him to us in order to get him away from the abusive situation he was put in. If you met Chief you would have no idea what he had to deal with, and true to a dog, he doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone. Chief is a happy man, great with other dogs, and has been very gentle with even smaller dogs in our playgroups. During the time Chief has been with us we noticed a small lump forming on his side. It began to bother him and after a visit to the vet we found out it was a cyst that grew from an area that was affected by a major impact of some sort. We cuddled him extra hard that day thinking about what could have happened while Chief was with that scary man. Since then the cyst has been drained and he has not been bothered by the spot. The vet and techs thought he was wonderfully mannered and smart and couldn’t believe he hadn’t found a home yet. (Just saying) Chief has had two hopeful home visits so far with families who adored him but for reasons he was returned. We have learned a lot about Chief on his home visits and we want to share that with you. We have found out that Chief can be treat and toy possessive towards other dogs. I would like to point out that we have never once experienced any aggression with him towards people over anything at all. We found out that Chief loves cats and wants to chase them around. It was not in an aggressive manner at all, it was a game to him. With the right cat who isn’t afraid of dogs he probably wouldn’t chase either, it was only when the cats reacted to him. But for these reasons, each family returned him.  But we also found out on these home visits that he loves to lay in the sunshine and sprawl out in the grass. We learned that he is very well mannered and not as loud of a hound as one might expect. We learned that he can curl up as tiny as he needs to regardless of how goofy and long he is, as long as he can rest against you. We learned that he is great with kids and in fact, loves them. We learned what we already knew, that Chief could touch hearts faster than people expected. Family one still has his picture on their fridge and always checks in to see how he is doing. Family two rants and raves about how amazing he is and said they would leave a shining review for him and would be more than happy to tell potential adopters how wonderful he is.  While two failed home visits can scare a lot of people away, we hope that this will only push people more to see that Chief is a good boy who just hasn’t met his people yet. Everyone he meets is charmed by him. This sweet hound man is still searching with a full heart for the right family to love him as he wants to love back.


  • Adoptable
  • Spayed
  • Housetrained

Our swampies need to find their forever homes. Do you want to be a part of their journey?


Swamp Haven provides short-term care for down-on-their-luck dogs in the rural and underserved communities of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our mission is to ensure that our animals find a long-term future in their forever home. Swamp Haven is run entirely on donations by the generosity of folks like you.

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