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Photography by Ariel Baldwin Photography

04/11/19 update – 26 pounds, 6 months old – We’ve so enjoyed watching this puppy grow! One word that describes Georgia? Adaptable. She is pretty much down for whatever everyone else is doing. She lives with two feline foster brothers and if they want to play, she’ll play. If they’re cat napping all day, she does the same. During puppy play dates she keeps up with the active puppies but when she’s alone, she’s perfectly content relaxing with her foster mom. She is curious, smart and takes direction well. Give us a shout if you’d like to know more!

Meet GeorgiaShe’s had a few speed bumps in her short life, but we’re making sure it’s only smooth sailing from here on out. She’s suffering from Demodex mange, a non contagious mite that destroys the hair follicle which causes loss of fur and skin irritation. Luckily, it’s totally treatable and she’s already on the mend. We’ll be updating pictures as she grows into the furry little puppy we know she’ll be. It’s like the rescue dog version of The Voice…we’re watching this little personality come to life without knowing what she’ll grow up to look like. 

Over the last month we’ve watched Georgia, affectionately nicknamed Gigi, grow from a timid pup to a playful, fun loving puppy. She can be curious and fearless, but she can also be sensitive and shy. The first time she met her feline foster brothers her foster mom said it seemed like Gigi’s feelings were hurt when they ignored her. Now of course, she’s won them over and they play 24/7. Georgia is a go with the flow kind of pup. If there’s another dog around to play with, that’s her jam. If she’s the only canine home, she’s fine cuddling on the couch through an America’s Next Top Model marathon. She’d make a great addition to an active family or a family with a young dog looking for a buddy. 

As of 03/26/19 we’re estimating her to be 19 weeks old and she weighs 25 pounds.  We’re searching for a forever family now, but won’t release her until her health improves. As you can see in her pictures, she came to us thin, malnourished and covered in open wounds. But don’t let that stop you from inquiring! If you feel Georgia could be your next best friend we can have your application processed, your meet and greet and home check out of the way so when she’s healthy she can start her trial week with you right away. 

We’re working closely with our vet as well as our friends at Earth Pets Natural Market to make sure Flo gets everything she needs to heal as quickly as possible. 

If you’d like to donate towards the care and treatment of Georgia or inquire about adoption, please give us a shout by clicking the “adopt me” button below.


  • Saw Dumbo over the weekend, we’re still answering questions on the physics of a flying elephant
  • Believes that a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut can fix anything
  • Top of her bucket list be the first four legged passenger on a SpaceX rocket to Mars

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