Meet Jill

About Jill

Meet Jill! She came to us from Clay County Animal Control in May, so we’re still getting to know her. She’s a beautiful Lemon Hound, she weighs in around 55 pounds and we’re estimating her to be 10 years old. She’s great with cats and dogs, she’s got the typical goofy hound personality, she’s curious, and is slowly learning how to play with toys. Jill would be a great addition to a family who appreciates hound dogs and all their quirky, silly, sweet, loving ways.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jill, click the “Adopt Me” button below!


  • Recovering shopaholic who’s managed to spend enough on Amazon Smile to donate $34 to Swamp Haven. Imagine that number if she had thumbs!
  • Is on a one woman mission to get Destiny’s Child back together.
  • Favorite food is breakfast. Yep, any breakfast food, pancakes, Eggs Benedict, cereal, Bloody Marys, you name it.

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