Meet Philip

Senior, Male, Large

About Philip

Photography by Ariel Baldwin Photography

Meet Philip! Philip is a wonderful man, exactly what you would want in an older dog. He is a classy gentleman, has great manners, loves to relax in his bed, loves to go out and play, great with other dogs, not a picky eater, the list goes on! He is the perfect mix of happy, playful energy and “let’s just relax on the couch” energy. Philip would be that guy, in a really nice mustard yellow sweater trying to learn all the “hip lingo the kids are speaking these days” just to try to seem super cool. What we are trying to say is that Philip is just as easy going as he is goofy. Our favorite thing is when Philip becomes feisty and is extra excited. His too big lips get stuck on his gums and his little teefs stick out all wild like. He gets a bounce in his step and his little ears flop up and down happily with each step he makes. He has his own little Philip happy dance, and couldn’t we all use a little Philip happiness in our lives?! Phil is awkward and silly and sweet and charming and he even lets us dress him up and he has no cares at all about it. Philip gets along great with dogs of all sizes, but gravitates to other calmer, gentler souls like himself.

Phil is available for adoption through our partners at Dogtown USA St. Augustine. Please give them a call at (904) 347-2363 or shoot an email to


  • Is a fan of the mid day wardrobe change
  • Favorite phrase is “Suns out, guns out”
  • Loves to beatbox

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