Meet Suzy

Female, Medium, Adult

About Suzy

Vet care sponsored by our friends at Matanzas Chiropractic.

This happy little girl is Suzy. If you’re looking for a ride or die, someone to travel through life at your side, that dog you can take everywhere with you, Suzy is your pup.  True to bully breed fashion, Suzy LOVES people.  At events he’ll melt into the laps of perfect strangers and lean into children as they pet her squishy face. Suzy is the kind of dog who’s down to do whatever you want, as long as she’s with you.  Though she does get along with certain dogs (mostly the goofy, carefree variety) she doesn’t need other dogs to be happy, she’d be perfectly content getting 100% of her person’s affection. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Suzy, click the “Adopt Me” button below!


  • Is a fan of day drinking
  • Can lose herself in a good book
  • Smiling is her favorite

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