Meet Waffles

Female, Medium, Adult

About Waffles

Photography by Ariel Baldwin Photography

Do you like breakfast food? What about playing in the yard, squirrel watching and belly rubs? Then Waffles is the dog for you! From her wrinkly butt to her ever twitching, food vigilant nose, she’s adoring of her humans and is looking for someone to lavish the same attention back on her. She gets along best with one or two dogs at a time (so long as she can be the top dog), and while she doesn’t want to hurt cats, she does want to pin them on high places (it’s the hound in her!) like desks and cat trees. She is deviously smart, learns routines and tricks quickly, and will do anything for a piece of cheese. She’s goofy enough to fit into her name, but serious about the love she has to give to her humans! If you’re looking for a maple syrup sweet partner in crime and adventure, look no further than Waffles

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  • Thinks she’s a competition with Samuel Jackson on who has the best hard stare
  • Never gets tired of people saying “Oh, you’re much smaller in person!”
  • Life goal is to meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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