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Our down-on-their-luck dogs need to find their forever homes. Are you looking to add a new member to your family?

How you can help.

From financial donations to volunteering your time, our rescues need the love and generosity of people like you.

Fostering friendship.

Open your heart and your home to one of our Swamp Haven rescues as a dog foster parent. While fostering is temporary, the benefits are long-lasting.

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Adopt Happiness

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About Swamp Haven

Swamp Haven is more than just an animal rescue organization. We take in down-on-their-luck dogs and nurture them back to a healthy mental and physical state, so they can find their forever home. Most importantly, we teach them how to love and how to receive the love that they deserve. From medical care to behavioral training to socialization, every loving step of our rescue process is readying our rag tag group of misfits for their new family.

My husband and I are so happy that we found Lindsey with Swamp Haven. Some of my coworkers had already adopted from her and they had nothing but wonderful things to say. I had been following the Swamp Haven Instagram for a couple of months and when my eyes landed on our Ellie I knew she was meant to join our little family. We can’t say enough kind things about Swamp Haven. You’re not just adopting a member of your family but adopting an entire support system. Ellie is mine and my husband’s first dog on our own and I feel that even years down the road I could still call Lindsey up to ask questions or even just to chat about Ellie. It is clear that she is in this for the benefit of the dogs. Thank you!


Ellie's Forever Mom

What We’re Up To

Be the Change

I know I’ve said it before, but prior to starting Swamp Haven, Alyssa and I never fostered. Not once. In fact, it never entered my mind as a viable option for my family. Like many fosters, I have personal dogs who were (and still are) my “kids”. My life revolves...

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We Can’t Save Them All

Almost two years ago, Alyssa and I started toying around with the idea of starting our own rescue. We had no idea what we were getting into, but we were full of excitement and hope that we could “be the change” we wanted to see in the world … Today as I write this,...

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The Day I Lost my Soul Mutt

A year ago today a piece of my heart died under a beautiful oak tree. Last June was the first time I laid eyes on him. I was at the Putnam County shelter with a girlfriend pulling another dog, and we both did a double take when we saw him. You can see in his intake...

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Our swampies need to find their forever homes. Do you want to be a part of their journey?


Swamp Haven provides short-term care for down-on-their-luck dogs in the rural and underserved communities of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Our mission is to ensure that our animals find a long-term future in their forever home. Swamp Haven is run entirely on donations by the generosity of folks like you.

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